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In RFP-1 Section II.A.4.g. (Narrative Description of Management Plan for Consortium), there is use of the term, “Consortium Management Team.” It is suggested that applicants include “members of the Consortium Management Team, including the PI, consortium Co-PIs and steering committee…” What is the difference between the Steering Committee and the Consortium Management Team?

In the description of the GRI (Request for Proposals: Selection of Research Consortia) provided by the Research Board issued on 25 April, 2011, it states on Page 13: “The Research Consortium shall be led by a PI (Director who is resident at the Lead Research Institution), who shall also serve as the head of the Consortium’s Steering Committee (Governance team). “ It goes on to say, “The PI (Director) of each Consortium and the Steering Committee (comprising Co-PIs from each of the collaborating institutions)….

In essence, I see the Consortium Management Team and Steering Committee as being two separate entities. Am I correct? I was also under the impression that the “Steering Committee” should be comprised of external advisors serving in an unbiased "steering" capacity (i.e., not Co-PIs).
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The Steering Committee is an essential component of the Consortium Management Team and is made up of co-investigators and chaired by the Lead Investigator (PI). There is no intention to have the Steering Committee be an external advisory committee. The Management Team could include other qualified individuals in addition to the Lead PI and the Steering Committee depending on the size and complexity of the Consortium and the intended research. That is the intent of the the Instructions for Proposals Section II.A.4.g which calls for a clear description of the management team which must include the Lead Investigator (PI) and Steering Committee as a minimum . The RFP-I section III, "Structure of the Research Consortia" section on Governance and Administration of the Research Consortia (page 13 bottom to top page 15) should be consulted for further and definitive guidance.
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