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Can the PI be changed in the LOI, and subsequently in the proposal? The PI is a federal employee and it will be replaced by a university professor. Please advise if this can be done.

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1 Answer

The LOI update should include any known changes to proposed Consortium members, including the proposed Consortium PI. Lead Institutions may be changed, as long as the information is updated by June 6, LOI Update deadline. The purposes of the Letter of Intent and Letter of Intent Update are articulation of interest, creation of collaboration opportunities, and preparation for the peer review process. The Letter of Intent Update Form will not be considered as part of the formal review. Only the full proposal, to be submitted by 9:00pm EDT 11 July, 2011, will be reviewed for purposes of selection and award. Collaboration changes, including a change in PI as noted in this question, are allowed between the submission of the LOI update and the full proposal; there is no formal mechanism to notify the GRI of these changes. However, changes in the Lead Institution must be updated by June 6, LOI Update deadline.
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