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In RFP-V, under IV. Eligibility Information, it is stated that "If an individual appears on multiple proposals, this should be clearly noted." Where should this be noted?

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RFP-V states that an individual can be the PI of only one submitted proposal and only involved in up to three submitted proposals in any capacity (e.g, PI, co‐PI, collaborator, etc.). If an individual appears on multiple proposals, this should be clearly noted in the list of partner institutions and associated project personnel (RFP-V Full Proposal Item 8b) and in Current and Pending Support. In each proposal, a clear description should be included to explain how the proposed work is complementary, not duplicative, of other proposed efforts and how the participant will budget his or her time. You may also address this issue under RFP-V Full Proposal Item 4b (Project Narrative, Key Personnel Roles).
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