FAQ Testbed

Thank you for your interest in the Request for Sample Analysis Funds. Please see below for responses to frequently asked questions. Be sure to check back frequently, as responses will be added. If you have a question that is not addressed below, please send it to info@gulfresearchinitiative.org.

QUESTION 1: What samples are eligible to be analyzed through this opportunity?

Answer 1: All samples (or sample sets) proposed for sample analysis must have been collected prior to submission of the Funding for Sample Analysis Request. Any samples collected after June 4, 2018 are not eligible.

QUESTION 2: Who can submit a Request for Sample Analysis Funds?

Answer 2: Only currently-funded RFP-IV and RFP-VI Consortium Directors and RFP-V and RFP-VI Principal Investigators (PI) are eligible to submit a request.

QUESTION 3: Can a Consortia Director or PI submit multiple requests?

Answer 3: Only one submitted request will be allowed, however that request may include multiple sample analysis activities listed in priority order.

QUESTION 4: The GoMRI Budget Template has tabs for up to five sample analysis activities. Are we limited in the number of sample analysis activities we can propose?

Answer 4: No. Each currently funded Consortium Director or PI may submit multiple sample analysis activities listed in priority order. If a Consortium Director or PI has more than five sample analysis activities to propose, please adapt the spreadsheet by adding the appropriate number to tabs. Be sure to adjust the formulas on the first tab, Cumulative.

QUESTION 5: How many years of funding can be proposed? Is there a limit to the proposed timeframe?

Answer 5: Funding is limited to the period of performance, including the anticipated No Cost Extension period, for the current award (RFP-IV, RFP-V, or RFP-VI) under which this request is being submitted.

QUESTION 6: Is travel for research dissemination, such as attending a scientific conference, allowable under this opportunity?

Answer 6: Travel costs are intended solely for the purpose of sample analysis, not research dissemination. For example, travel would be allowed for an individual to access specific instrumentation needed for the analysis.

QUESTION 7: On the website, it states that “3 page limit per sample analysis activity”. For example, if we propose 3 sample analysis activities, does that mean the total page limit is 9?

Answer 7: Yes, if the Request for Sample Analysis Funding includes 3 discrete sample analysis activities, the total page limit would be 9 pages. The narrative for each discrete sample analysis activity may not exceed 3 pages in length.

QUESTION 8: Should we include a summary or list of references within the narrative for the Request for Sample Analysis Funds?

Answer 8: No. Please include only the information requested in the Request for Sample Analysis Funds, which can be found here: https://gulfresearchinitiative.org/sample-analysis-request/. If you feel that references are critical, they must be included within the 3 page limit for each discrete sample analysis activity.