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The RFP indicates that a lead institution can only submit one proposal for each subcategory (e.g. 1, 2, 3..). Within subcategory 3 there is a very wide scope for research. A proposal focusing on wetlands would be very different from one focusing on oceanic nekton. Can the same lead institution submit more than one proposal in the same subdiscipline if the research focus is very different?

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The intent of this RFP is to encourage the formation of Consortia for reasons stated in the RFP. Having more than one proposal in each "sub-discipline" is counter to the intent of the RFP. As a point of clarification, the Research Themes are not "sub-disciplines" from the perspective of this RFP. Further, there are ways of innovative thinking that could tie together aspects of research for both wetlands and oceanic nekton, or of separately tying oceanic nekton together with another theme and wetlands with another theme. Think Consortia not "subdividing."
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