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I am a new assistant professor at Washington State University and have just learned about the GRI. Unfortunately I saw that your deadline for the LOI just passed and I was wondering if there is a chance to send you a brief summary of a project that would target the microbial community that is associated with crude oil using latest sequencing technologies?

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Thank you for your interest in the GRI. The deadline for a letter of intent, which is a pre-requisite for full proposal submission to RFP-I, has passed and the GRI does not accept unsolicited proposals. You may visit to determine which universities or organizations have submitted letters of intent for potential contacts. A RFP-II will be released in the next few months that will request proposals from individual investigators or a principal investigator and up to three co-investigators. Please sign up for e-alerts/announcements on the GRI website to be notified when RFP-II has been released.
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