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Referencing the Master Research Agreement (MRA), Sections 2.4 through 2.6, and a separate statement from the MRA that grant and sub-grant agreements shall incorporate the terms of the GRI MRA, please clarify what the payment terms are for incurred costs by the Lead Institution and its Consortium partners.

Specifically, (1) will reimbursements of invoiced costs be paid by the GRI Grant Unit to the Lead Institution monthly, quarterly, or only after invoices and supporting documentation have been reviewed and approved by BP? (2) Does the “transfer of funds” by the Grant Unit (see Section 2.5.1) mean the deposit of funds directly to the Lead Institution’s financial account, or does this mean the authorization of funds only? (3) Section 2.5 describes invoicing procedures and the review/verification process by the Administrative Unit, but does not address the actual payment process; will payments be by wire transfer or by check? (4) Section 2 .5.4 What impact will the 60 day period for BP asking invoice questions affect question one?
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1 Answer

1) The Lead Research Institution shall submit, as costs are incurred, all invoices and supporting documentation for expenditures by its Research Consortium pursuant to the Approved Research Project budget for the Program Year quarter. The GRI Administrative Unit shall then verify that the invoices submitted by each Lead Research Institution contain only verifiable research expenditures in accordance with and not in excess of the approved budget for the Program Year quarter, and that all Capital Expenditures have been approved as required by Section 2.8.

BP only reviews the invoices received from the GRI AU on a quarterly basis, and, therefore, will not affect the reimbursements. However, BP has 60 days after receipt of quarterly invoices to provide any reasonable questions regarding such invoices to the GRI AU. Unless BP receives reasonable responses to such questions, BP may, in its sole discretion, remove any disputed amounts from such Research Consortium’s budget for that Program Year.

2) Per the MRA: After receipt of funds from BP, the GRI Grant Unit shall transfer the funds with respect to the budget for each Approved Research Project to the Lead Research Institution for each Research Consortium.

3) Arrangement for payments will be addressed by the GRI Grant Unit in the contractual agreement with each Consortium.

4) BP only reviews the invoices received from the GRI AU on a quarterly basis; this has no affect on question (1).
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