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For Research Theme 3, there seems to be some difference in opinion as to the intent of the scope of allowable work. Must ALL the research allowed relate directly to oil spills or oil (and dispersant) effects; or, can some relate more broadly to restoration which may involve oiled habitats as well as other forms of stresses around the Gulf? And, can some research relate more broadly to defining baseline conditions in the Gulf for use in understanding future spills and other disturbances?

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Research Theme 3 is not intended as a broad-brush statement for all stresses in the Gulf (human caused and/or natural), independent of oil and gas inputs and dispersants. Interactions of other stresses with oil and gas and with dispersants would be a legitimate subject for proposing research within the scope of RFP-I. The GRI funded research is not intended to address all aspects of restoration of Gulf ecosystems from the complete range of human caused adverse impacts. The focus is as written in the RFP-I and the Master Research Agreement referenced in RFP-1.
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