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§7.2 Content of Grant Agreements: There is a requirement that . . . the Lead Research Institution shall represent and warrant . . . that all legal responsibilities for compliance with health and safety regulations, environmental regulations, animal experimentation regulations and any other applicable local, state, or federal regulations will be the sole responsibility of the Research Institution which employs or contracts with the Research Project Director.

The “Research Project Director” is defined in section 4.5 as the Director resident at the Lead Research Institution.  We do not feel it is appropriate that the Lead Institution should accept solely all responsibility for activities performed by the consortium members.  We believe the Lead Institution’s responsibility is to ensure that all subcontracts with other consortium members impose upon each member institution the responsibility for legal compliance for the work performed at their respective institutions.
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It is understood that the Lead Research Institution would “represent and warrant” these provisions in the course preparing the agreements to each of the consortium members.
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