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A previous FAQ on the statement of participation in multiple Consortia only says it should be in the body of each proposal. Should this be in the Narrative Description of Supplementary Objectives or elsewhere?

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The Narrative Description of the Approach, within the Consortium Description, should specify the lead role of each consortium member institution in each research topic/goal area, which members of the consortium will be working on each sub-topic (or sub-project) within the proposed activities and the number of postdoctoral researchers and graduate students involved in each sub-topic (or sub-project).  This could be illustrated with a table of partnerships, as described in Appendix B of the RFP-I Preparation and Submission Instructions. If consortium participants are proposing to participate in multiple research consortia, this should be noted and addressed in the Narrative Description of the Management Plan for the Consortium and also included in their current and pending support forms.
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