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What information needs to be included in the letter of intent (LOI)?

asked in LOI by anonymous

1 Answer

Complete instructions for LOI submission can be found on the RFP-I webpage:

The required components of the LOI are listed in the Instructions document (available for download at the above link). The LOI does not have a page limit; no formal letter or uploaded file(s) are required. The LOI form requests basic information on the proposed Consortium: Consortium Title, Director and Lead Institution, up to 20 proposed Consortium members (there is no limit to the number of collaborators included in the full proposal), estimated funding request, which Research Theme or Themes will be studied by the Consortium, and the special capabilities that the proposed Research Consortium brings to the GRI. The text field for special capabilities that the proposed Research Consortium brings to the GRI is a descriptive field with unlimited characters. The LOIs are intended to improve opportunities for collaboration between and among those interested in being participants in Consortia and to provide essential information to avoid conflicts of interest in the review process. All requested information is submitted via the web submission form
There appear to be 23 steps in the LOI because of the potential to list 20 Consortium members.
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