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In the discussion about the annual two day meetings, the FAQ indicates the first meeting is scheduled for 'January 2013 and each January following'. This would mean the first annual meeting would happen in the middle of year 2. Since the annual meeting is anticipation of the following year's activity - I wonder if the first meeting is actually January 2012?

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There will be an initial organizational meeting in October 2011, which will be limited to a representative from each of the Year 1 GRI-funded consortium and a representative from each of the newly funded Year 2 consortium. Subsequent annual meetings will be held once per year beginning January 2013.  The annual meeting will be a scientific meeting to allow those funded under the GRI and others to present the results of their research.  We anticipate that this meeting will develop into a major Gulf of Mexico science meeting and not just a report from the GRI- funded PIs.  Information about the annual meeting was provided to allow consortia to budget accordingly.
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