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The budget template request information on the cognizant federal agency. It is assumed that this is referring to the agency with which an organization has negotiated an indirect cost rate. Our organization has attempted to negotiate an IDC through NSF. However, we were informed that our organization has not received federal funding meeting minimum NSF requirements to negotiate an IDC rate.

In lieu of a negotiated rate, NSF awarded our organization a grant to which a default IDC rate of 10% was applied. Considering this scenario what are the implications if an organization has not negotiated and indirect cost rate but has been awarded federal funding to which a default IDC rate was applied? Does this affect eligibility for the GRI_RFP I? What is considered sufficient negotiated IDC rate documentation?
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1 Answer

If an organization does not have an indirect cost rate agreement, then the organization must submit the following with their cost proposal: Copy of 1) actual indirect rate to be validated by financial statements  and 2) copy of FY12 projected rate and assumptions used if the FY12 rate differs from FY11 rate. This does not affect the eligibility for the GRI RFP-I.
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