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Is there a limit on the number of co-PIs for RFP-II? Do the co-PIs need to be from different institutions? How should personnel (other than co-PIs) be included?

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1 Answer

Each proposal is limited to a PI and up to 3 co-PIs from up to three additional institutions. Any co-PIs may be from the same institution as the PI. There is no requirement for multi-institutional proposals.

As research teams can be formed in many different ways, it is the responsibility of proposers to clearly define the roles of those who are not co-PIs. The research will include work by undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral research associates as appropriate. Collaborators, contractors, associates, technical support, etc. are permitted but their relevance and involvement with the proposed work and impact on the budget should be clearly defined.

The Narrative Description of the Approach should include the role(s) of key personnel within the research project, and the number of postdoctoral researchers and graduate students involved (see Appendix B in GoMRI RFP II Instructions for template). The Budget Template (see Appendix C in GoMRI RFP II Instructions for template) includes fields to identify personnel roles.
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