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I understand that GRI funds cannot be used for construction and infrastructure. Does this also exclude the purchase of large equipment such as outboard research vessels, trucks, medical equipment or items that are readily available for purchase?

asked 7 years ago in Budget by admin

1 Answer

Capital expenditures not considered part of the GoMRI budget generally refer to large infrastructure items like ships, autonomous underwater vehicles or laboratories. Equipment over the price of $10,000 is considered capital equipment.  Any project wanting to use capital equipment must attempt to obtain this equipment from other members of the consortium, other consortia, or lease as necessary.  If this equipment cannot be obtained as explained above; then the equipment must appear as a capital expenditure in a line item budget with justification for the consortium and be evaluated by the Research Board. For the purposes of RFP-II, please identify equipment costing more than $5,000 within the annual budget template and accompanying budget justification.
answered 7 years ago by admin

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