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The RFP states that "To the extent that any home institution of any PI or Co-PI submitting a proposal in response to this RFP-II is restricted by law from agreeing to any applicable MRA provision,

including, but not limited to the MRA Section 12 (Indemnities), Section 15 (Dispute Resolution) or the IP and Publications Policy attached as Appendix 3 to the MRA, the Proposal shall indicate which provisions the PI’s or Co-PI’s home institution objects to, as well as the specific legal basis for any such objection.” Where are these objections from the institutions to be uploaded?
asked 7 years ago in Awards and Contracting (GoMRI AU) by admin

1 Answer

Please include any objections to the MRA under section B: Optional Information to be submitted to the Research Board.  Please note that this section is restricted to 1 page in length.
answered 7 years ago by admin

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