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How will research results be shared?

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The work carried out in the GRI is also expected to have wide utility to other researchers, government agencies, and others. The provision of a full and coherent database accessible to all scientists, policy makers, and the public is an essential outcome of the GRI. The GRI AU will maintain or contract for public database of GRI research results (data and metadata), with data to be posted with minimum time delay. It is a requirement that all GRI-sponsored data and the essential metadata be submitted to the GRI AU and federal database or nationally recognized repository appropriate for the investigator’s discipline with minimum time delay. Satellite imagery will be included where appropriate. It is essential that provision be made that video data be tagged with appropriate information to be included in the data submission. The GRI AU will be responsible for managing and linking these individual submissions. By this means, it will be possible to combine individual efforts into a coherent body of work that represents the entire GRI.
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