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What information needs to be included in the proposal?

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The proposal to be submitted on or before June 17, 2011 at 9:00 p.m. EDT should contain a:

1.    Cover sheet not to exceed 1 page and to include:
-    Project title, Principal Investigator and Co-Investigators, affiliations, addresses

2.    Project description not to exceed 3 pages and to contain or demonstrate:
-    Description of the proposed work
-    Rationale and a compelling need for funding (included in the 3 pages)
-    Work plan showing that the proposed work can be completed in the allotted time (included in the 3 pages)

3.    Budget for the work proposed, together with name and signature of appropriate institutional official, on a separate page

4.    Information on all Current and Pending support for all investigators on separate page(s)

5.    Supplementary documentation as needed (e.g., letter verifying vessel availability) (no more than 3 pages total for supplemental documentation)
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