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What criteria will be used for proposal evaluation?

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Guidance regarding evaluation of the proposals is as follows. Scientific Merit is a primary consideration for continuity of observations and sampling and for initiation of emergent or time sensitive observations and sampling. This includes ancillary work such as to catalogue the observations and samples and prepare them for availability to the wider community.

Scientific Merit and Rationale (40%)
•    Scope, quality, and potential for significant results of the proposed continuity of and/or emergent observations and sampling
•    Degree to which the sustained or new observations and samples addresses improving the environmental robustness of the Gulf of Mexico and/or public health
•    Importance of opportunity that will be missed or taken advantage of

Capability (30%)
•    Ability to conduct the proposed activities in the required timelines
•    Infrastructure in place or able to be lined up in short order to support the planned work
•    Nature of work associated with observations and sampling
•    Personnel critical for the observations and sampling
•    Proper preparation or storage of observations and samples for future need

Experience (30%)
•    Demonstrated record of scientific achievement in the relevant observations and sampling
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