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When submitting linked proposals, should each proposal be its own lead (versus co-) P.I. and institution? If they are to be treated as individual proposals, how do the dollar limits per proposal apply? To the aggregate of all linked proposals, or to the individuals?

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If time for preparation of multi-university proposals is found to be insufficient, individual proposals may be submitted. Each proposal should include information on the linkage/proposed overall project and identify a Lead Institution (and Lead PI). For the purposes of submitting linked proposals, each author of a proposal submitted would be considered a PI of that part of the project, but a lead PI for the entire project would be identified in the linkage text. Since these linked proposals are considered one project they should follow the same budget restrictions outlined in RFP-III. Therefore each linked proposal should have an individual budget that when combined together conforms to the RFP limitations. Each proposal’s budget should be appropriate for the work included in that proposal’s Project Description.
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