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What detail is most important in the .5 page biographical sketch for the preliminary proposal, since we are accustomed to using the NSF 2-page format?

1 Answer

The 0.5 page biographical sketch should provide abbreviated information about the primary participants. The type, detail, and quality of abbreviated information presented is at the discretion of the applicant. More detailed biographical information will be collected in full proposal submissions. As stated in RFP-IV, VI. Application and Submission Information, 1. Preliminary Proposal, biographical sketches should be submitted for the PI, co-PI(s), and sub-award lead senior investigator. These biographical sketches should follow National Science Foundation guidelines although be limited to 0.5 page for each person. Inclusion of a biographical sketch for every individual included in the list of participants is not required, but if a biographical sketch is included, the individual MUST appear on the list of participants.
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