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What are the limitations on allowable costs for private, for-profit companies that are included in a proposal? In addition to indirect costs, can any "fee" be included in a private company's budget?

asked in Budget by jpetitt

1 Answer

Please review the budget guidelines on pages 13-14 and 19-20 of the RFP-VI.  An allowable budget cost must conform to an institution's rules and regulations that have been federally agreed upon, as well as the provisions set out in the Master Research Agreement (MRA).

For all proposals, please include a copy of the negotiated indirect cost rate agreement for the overall budget and each subcontract over $25,000 per year. For a participating institution with a subaward less than $25,000 per year, please include the total cost (<$25,000 per year) and describe the work to be performed within the PI (lead institution) budget justification. If, for any reason, an organization does not have an indirect cost rate agreement, then the organization must submit the following with their cost proposal: 1) copy of actual indirect rate (and details on how the rate was derived) to be validated by financial statements and 2) if applicable, projected future rates and assumptions used in deriving those rates.
answered by faqeditor

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