Fall 2015 – Education Spotlight

Visitors check out ECOGIG’s Ocean Discovery Zone at Science at the Stadium. Photo Credit: ECOGIG.

Visitors check out ECOGIG’s Ocean Discovery Zone at Science at the Stadium. Photo Credit: ECOGIG.

(From Fall 2015 Newsletter)

Deep-C: Using GoMRI science, Deep-C developed a multidisciplinary high school curriculum focused on geomorphology, geochemistry, ecology, physical oceanography, and modeling to help students make connections between theoretical science and real world applications. The curriculum is available on Deep- C’s website here.

ECOGIG: ECOGIG has launched the fall 2015 series of their Science at the Stadium program, with the inaugural event taking place on September 19th at the UGA vs. South Carolina football game. This year’s series will feature an Ocean Discovery Zone, which will provide participants the opportunity to experience hands-on activities related to oil spill science and ocean ecosystems. Photos from the September 19th event can be found here and the schedule of events can be found here.

DEEPEND: The DEEPEND consortium website includes an education and outreach section that features a breadth of materials geared towards several types of audiences, including kids, adults, the general public, and educators. The site also includes two blogs, one geared towards adults and one geared towards kids, which features games and trivia. DEEPEND also has a teacher-at-sea program, which gives teachers an opportunity to participate in cruises and gain hands on science experience, which they can then incorporate into their curriculum. The most recent teacher at sea was Alisha Stahl and her blog posts can be found here. DEEPEND also features a “Creep into the Deep” program run in partnership with Whaletimes, Inc.

CWC: Coastal Waters Consortium has posted the schedule for their summer camps that will be taking place in the summer of 2016, along with descriptions of the camps that will be available and information on how to register. Please visit their website for more information!

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