Fall 2015 – Frequently Asked Questions by Dr. Chuck Wilson

(From Fall 2015 Newsletter) Dr. Chuck Wilson, Chief Scientific Officer for the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI), answers a few of the most frequently asked questions about the program.

Question: GoMRI’s Second Legacy Goal focuses on “engendering improved understanding, confidence, and trust of the public and other stakeholders.” Why is this important?

Answer: GoMRI is working towards improved understanding, confidence, and trust of the public and other stakeholders through a variety of mechanisms. The GoMRI Management Team and the research organizations funded by GoMRI have produced a variety of web based and other products to extend the science uncovered through GoMRI funding to the public and other stakeholders. Local seminars offered through the Gulf Sea Grant program, YouTube videos, classroom visits, and newsletters are just a few of the products that are used to convey scientific findings to keep the public and other stakeholders abreast of recent research results. This is critical because the Gulf of Mexico community at large is still uncertain about the impact of oil spills on the environment.

Question: GoMRI has established important partnerships to help extend the results from GoMRI funded science to the broader public. One of these partnerships is with the Gulf Sea Grant program, discussed in the Fall 2014 newsletter here. The other is with Smithsonian’s Ocean Portal. Can you tell us more about this partnership?

Answer: http://ocean.si.edu/gulf-oil-spill) is a general information website that covers a variety of topics about the world’s oceans. A portion of that website is dedicated to oil spill science. GoMRI has partnered with Ocean Portal to feature stories and interviews highlighting the latest GoMRI science; this partnership has been extremely successful and their Oil Spill page is one of the most visited pages on their site.

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