Fall 2016 – Frequently Asked Questions by Dr. Chuck Wilson

(From Fall 2016 Newsletter) Dr. Chuck Wilson, Chief Scientific Officer for the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI), answers a few frequently asked questions about the program.

Question: GoMRI recently announced a call for research proposals (RFP- VI). What are the goals and objectives of RFP-VI?

Answer: GoMRI is seeking proposals that represent continuation of previously designated research themes and topics that have emerged, data integration from various sources, scientific synthesis across themes and consortia, and/ or other overarching scientific and technological products exploiting the GoMRI scientific legacy. More information can be found in the RFP.

The ultimate goal of all GoMRI investments are to improve society’s ability to understand, respond to, and mitigate the impacts of petroleum pollution and related stressors of the marine and coastal ecosystems, with an emphasis on conditions found in the Gulf of Mexico. Knowledge accrued will be applied to restoration and to improving the long-term environmental health of the Gulf of Mexico.

Question: What makes RFP-VI unique?

Answer: This will be the sixth and final call for research proposals for the GoMRI program. To date, GoMRI has awarded over $350 million that has touched over 250 institutions, thousands of investigators, and over 750 graduate students.

RFP-VI is different than previous RFPs because this competition is open to both consortia (proposals that involve three or more institutions) and individual investigators (Principal Investigator with up to 3 co-PIs).

RFP-VI also invites proposers to include objectives that lead to scientific synthesis and/or data integration. GoMRI will end in 2020, and it is important to capture, integrate, and preserve the scientific research and technology of all of the investments to date.

Question: What is the timeline and application process for RFP-VI?

Answer: RFP-VI was released on October 3, 2016, and Letters of Intent were due on November 14, 2016. Full proposals will be due March 3, 2017. The deadline to submit questions is February 17, 2017. Award announcements will be made in September 2017 after a formal review process. For more information on RFP-VI, visit the GoMRI website here.

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