Fall 2019 – Frequently Asked Questions with Dr. Chuck Wilson

(From Fall 2019 Newsletter) Dr. Chuck Wilson, Chief Scientific Officer for the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI), answered a few frequently asked questions.

Question: How excited are you for the GoMRI Symposium on February 3?

Answer: So excited!

Question: Can you tell us a little more about the GoMRI Symposium?

Answer: The GoMRI Symposium will be held on Monday,  February 3 at   the Tampa Marriott, ahead of the 2020 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill & Ecosystem Science (GoMOSES) Conference. The day-long event will be focused on the results of the ongoing GoMRI Synthesis efforts and will serve as the launch to a series of events throughout 2020 to share Synthesis results with a variety of audiences. (Please see the Note from the Research Board Chair on page 8 for more information about these events!)

The Symposium will be a mix of speakers, panels, and audience engagement. The panels will cover a variety  of topics, including perspectives from members of the user community, GoMRI Scholars, and GoMRI Outreach professionals. I am personally very excited to be in the room when the results of the GoMRI Synthesis Core Areas come together for the first time!

Question: Anything else we should be looking out for at the 2020 GoMOSES Conference?

Answer: There are 11 sessions at GoMOSES that are focused on Synthesis and sharing the results of the Core Area efforts! One session that I am particularly looking forward to, because it is related to one of GoMRI’s best legacies, is Session 008: Taking Stock: Capacity Building and the Successes of Advanced Academic Scholarship, Professional Training, and Interdisciplinary Mentoring Through the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative. You can find the full session schedule here.

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