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Should the regional and national outreach efforts funded directly by GoMRI (such as Sea Grant, Smithsonian and or GoMRI documentary) be included in the outreach plans for RFP-IV proposals?

1 Answer

RFP-IV Section VI. 2. A. 4. E. States: Public Education and Outreach Objectives: Describe the public education and outreach objectives and outline strategies for achieving them.  Provide an education and outreach plan that describes how research will be integrated with education and outreach efforts.  Consortia should consider budgeting specific time to direct these efforts.

Directly-funded GoMRI efforts are not intended to replace nor should they be considered part of individual research consortia proposed efforts. Each applicant is expected to outline and budget for independent education and outreach activities best suited for their proposed research efforts. The Research Board anticipates that there will be close interaction and communication between and across individual consortia and other outreach efforts directly funded by GoMRI.
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