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What criteria will be used for proposal evaluation?

asked in Peer Review by anonymous

1 Answer

Guidance regarding evaluation of the proposals is as follows, with Scientific Value and Merit a primary consideration.  Proposals that address multiple themes will be evaluated according the following evaluation criteria, for each theme addressed according to the estimated percentage effort in each theme (rounded to 5%).
Scientific Value and Merit (80% for Individual Investigators; 70% for Consortia)

• Scope, quality, and potential for fundamentally significant results of the proposed research
• Project plan describing integration among any sub-projects
• Value of the anticipated research outcomes for contributing to the major research themes of the GoMRI
• Effective utilization or synthesis of research efforts completed or in progress under RFP-I through RFP-V
• A final research product that will be more than the sum of the results of the individual sub-projects
• Scope, quality, and potential of the proposed public education and outreach activities (Consortia only)

Qualifications (20% for Individual Investigators; 15% for Consortia)

• Expertise of PI / Consortium Director and co-PIs in the relevant research domains and in the delivery of focused research
• A demonstrated record of scientific achievement in the relevant science
• Realistic research capability, including ready availability of appropriate facilities, materials, equipment, and expertise for the duration of the project
• Knowledge of the Gulf of Mexico region

Management (15% for Consortia only)

• The feasibility to complete all research and analysis within the two years of the life of the award
• Governance and communication structure proposed to support effective exchange of ideas, data and results
• Data management policies, favorably including a strong record of previous submission of data to a public database (where applicable, of GoMRI data to the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Information & Data Cooperative, GRIIDC)
• Compliance with US research requirements (e.g., biosafety, animal research, ethics in science, conflicts of interest, etc.) and necessary safety training
answered by anonymous

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