Core Area 7 : Webinar Series to Inform Core Area 7 – Integrated / Linked Modeling System

– Modeling Human Physical Health Risks: Alesia Ferguson, North Carolina A&T
– A socio-ecological framework for health, well-being, and recovery in post-disaster settings:  David Abramson, New York University
– Thinking Outside the Human Health Box: Possible Linkages to Oil Spill Modeling:  Claire Paris-Limouzy, University of Miami

    • May 13, 2019 10am-11am Eastern: Ecosystems Click here to view the recorded webinar!

      – Horizontal and Vertical Connectivity Affect the Resiliency and Vulnerability of Gulf of Mexico Fish Populations to Deep Sea Blowouts: Steve Murawski, University of South Florida
      – Pelagic ecosystem dynamics in a highly impacted water column: the Gulf of Mexico after Deepwater Horizon: Tracey Sutton, Nova Southeastern University
      – GoMex-ECOTRAN: modeling vertical trophic linkages in the Gulf of Mexico: Jim Ruzicka, Oregon State University

    • May 20, 2019 10am-11am Eastern: Socio-Economics Click here to view the recorded webinar!

      – Key Stakeholder questions: Socioeconomics: Christine Hale, Sea Grant
      – David Yoskowitz, Texas A&M Corpus Christi: Social and Economic Considerations of Integrated Modeling
      – Igal Berenshtein, University of Miami: Oil Spill Qualitative Frameworks and their Potential Usefulness for Management and Real-time Scenarios
      – Christa Court, University of Florida: Socioeconomic Impacts of Oil Spills: Improving Translation and Moving Towards Bi-directional Integration

    • May 28, 2019 10am-11am Eastern: Physics  Click here to view the recorded webinar!

      – Modeling oil transport, fate, and exposure for evaluation of environmental impacts: Deborah French-McCay, RPS ASA (formerly Applied Science Associates) 
      – Deep oil spills from the first kilometer to the last kilometer and what ever is in between: William Dewar, Florida State University
      – Integrating the roles of microbes, currents, and sedimentary processes in transport and transformation of oil spill hydrocarbons: Michael Stukel, Florida State University