Core Area 3: Vulnerability and Resilience of Species and Ecosystems to Large-Scale Contamination Events: Lessons from Deepwater Horizon

October 9-11, 2019

Washington, DC

Core Area 3

The objective of this workshop is to prepare a high-level quantitative synthesis of longitudinal (time series) information indexing the population and ecosystem trajectories of marine species and ecosystems impacted by the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) accident.  The workshop will evaluate life history and associated scale effects that are implicated in the decline and potential recovery of ecosystem components, including life span, fractions of populations impacted by the spill, population connectivity among potential source populations, and sensitivity of various life stages to oil contaminants.  Correlations among time series will be evaluated and compared with ecotype specific food webs (e.g., Peterson et al. 2003) to evaluate species interactions potentially affected by the spill. Vulnerability/susceptibility of various impacted resources will be evaluated. 


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