Summer 2015 – Education Spotlight

Photo Credit: CARTHE and Singapore American School.

Photo Credit: CARTHE and Singapore American School.

(From Summer 2015 Newsletter)

CARTHE – Students from Singapore American School in Singapore have been working on building their very own Bob the Drifter. The class put together a video and reached out to CARTHE for advice on how to build their drifters. CARTHE’s Outreach Manager Laura Bracken Skyped with the class, offering advice and answering their questions. The class is now working on building Proto-Bob, their prototype of Bob the Drifter. They are documenting their project on their class blog here.

Deep-C – The Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory hosted Girls Investigating Science on May 9, 2015. Members of the Deep-C consortium attended and contributed to the event. Twenty girls participated in the event, which included presentations from female scientists, sample collection from the coastal ecosystem, and analysis of their results. Pictures from the event can be found on Deep-C’s Facebook page here.

CWC – CWC is hosting a variety of camps this summer to help get kids engaged in science. The camps focus on science and art, field marine science, and more. Visit CWC’s Facebook page for more information and pictures!

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