Bill Hogarth Receives Carl R. Sullivan Fishery Conservation Award

GoMRI Research Board member and Sully recipient Dr. Bill Hogarth. (Credit: University of South Florida)

(Click to enlarge) GoMRI Research Board member and Sully recipient Dr. Bill Hogarth. (Credit: University of South Florida)

The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative congratulates Dr. Bill Hogarth as the recipient of the “Sully” – one of the nation’s premier awards in fisheries science.

The American Fisheries Society (AFS) honored recently retired Bill Hogarth with the Carl R. Sullivan Fishery Conservation Award in recognition of a wide span of achievements in Hogarth’s 51-year marine science career. Hogarth is credited with bringing greater international attention to preserving threatened fish species and serving as a credible voice for independent science in preserving and protecting the world’s oceans. His leadership contributions include his service as the former dean of the University of South Florida’s College of Marine Science and his roles as director of the National Marine Fisheries Service, chairman of the International Whaling Commission, and director of the Florida Institute of Oceanography (FIO).

“Bill Hogarth has had a singularly diverse but enormously influential career in fisheries,” said University of South Florida Professor Steve Murawski in his nomination of Hogarth for the honor. “Although his professional roles have changed over the years, he has found a way to make a significant difference in the management of fisheries and in the lives of people with which he has worked. His accomplishments have been many and diverse but always significant.”

Hogarth was presented the award at the AFS Annual Meeting on Aug. 22, 2016, in Kansas City, MO. The AFS created the prestigious award in 1991 as a memorial to former AFS Executive Director Carl Sullivan. It is awarded annually in his memory to an individual or organization for outstanding contributions to the conservation of fishery resources.

Reflecting on the award, Dr. Hogarth said, “It is truly an honor to receive the Carl R. Sullivan Award from the American Fisheries Society. Carl Sullivan exhibited outstanding leadership in creating the conservation movement that resulted in the passage of the Sport Fishing Restoration Act’s Wallop-Breaux Amendment, which expanded federal funding for fisheries programs across the country. I am proud of personally knowing Carl and receiving the ‘Sully’.”

GoMRI Research Board Chair Dr. Rita Colwell congratulated her colleague, stating “On behalf of the Research Board, we congratulate Dr. Hogarth this well-deserved award. Bill brings a critical fisheries perspective to the GOMRI Board in its pursuit of identifying and funding the best oil spill impact research.”

The GoMRI community joins in the praises of Dr. Hogarth’s exceptional contributions to science and his continued direction as a member of the GoMRI Research Board.


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