C-IMAGE Partners with Marine Technology Society on TechSurge

GoMRI and MTS communities gather for MTS TechSurge: Advancing Oil Spill Technology, Beyond the Horizon. Photo Credit: Sherryl Gilbert, C-IMAGE.

GoMRI and MTS communities gather for MTS TechSurge: Advancing Oil Spill Technology, Beyond the Horizon. Photo Credit: Sherryl Gilbert, C-IMAGE.

(From Winter 2018 Newsletter) Contributing Author: Sherryl Gilbert, C-IMAGE Assistant Director

The Center for the Integrated Modeling and Analysis of the Gulf Ecosystem (C-IMAGE) partnered with the Marine Technology Society (MTS) to host a TechSurge event on February 5, 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The goal of the MTS TechSurge: Advancing Oil Spill Technology, Beyond the Horizon program was to host sessions focused on key technological advancements that have pushed boundaries on how scientists observe and study the marine environment.

The workshop began with brief remarks from Steve Murawski, Director of C-IMAGE at the University of South Florida, and Richard Spinrad from Oregon State University and President-Elect of MTS. The workshop was composed of four panels focused on different aspects of marine oil spills: Modeling and Predication, Technology for Detection, Mitigation, and Ecosystem Health. Each panel featured a moderator and four to five panelists, including members from the GoMRI community and other leaders in oil spill science, who spoke briefly about their work and took questions from the audience. Several additional presenters were highlighted during a lunch poster session. The workshop concluded with closing remarks from Steve Murawski and Richard Shaw, a GoMRI Research Board member from Louisiana State University.

“GoMRI has developed many new technologies for laboratory and field studies related to oil spills and oceanography in general. TechSurge, a collaborative endeavor between MTS and GoMRI, provided an excellent opportunity to share those results with the larger marine technology community.” Dana Yoerger, Senior Scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and member of the GoMRI Research Board

In addition to providing a forum for the GoMRI and MTS communities to share their work and discuss opportunities for collaboration and development, workshop organizers plan to publish a special issue of the Marine Technology Society Journal highlighting these technological advances. Manuscripts are due on June 20, 2018, and the journal will be released in December 2018. For more information on the MTS TechSurge series, please visit their website here, and for more information on C-IMAGE, please visit their website here.

“This TechSurge reflects the value that the Marine Technology Society can bring to topical and challenging problems. By convening scientists, technologists, decision- makers, and educators for a meaningful discussion, we can identify the best ways forward and most impactful solutions. Given the daunting challenges associated with understanding the science of oil spills, this TechSurge is both timely and relevant. Many of us look forward to the outcomes and recommendations that will ensue.” Richard Spinrad, Oregon State University and MTS President-Elect

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