Opportunity: 2017 Internship – Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Position: Valentine Lab – 2017 Internship

Application Deadline: March 24, 2017

Details: The Valentine Lab is looking for three interns to help conduct research on ecosystem resilience as a part of the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI) and Alabama Center for Ecological Resilience’s (ACER) ongoing efforts to evaluate impacts of oil-spills and other disturbances on coastal ecosystems. Research will be based out of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab located on Dauphin Island, Alabama at the mouth of Mobile Bay. Interns will primarily work on oil spill resistance and habitat diversity projects with potential exposure to other methods and techniques applied by other labs.

We are looking for three full-time interns (~40 hr/week) to start late April. Tentatively, internships will begin no later than early May and terminate around September 30, 2017.

Please contact Scott Alford (salford@disl.org) if you have any questions regarding the project or your eligibility.

Please submit all materials in PDFs via email to salford@disl.org by March 24, 2017; 11:59pmCST

For more details, download the job announcement (PDF)