Opportunity: Call for Nominations – Standing Committee to Advise the Understanding Gulf Ocean Systems Research Campaign

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: Standing Committee to advise the Gulf Research Program on the Understanding Gulf Ocean Systems Research Campaign

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine invites you to nominate experts to serve on the standing committee to guide the Gulf Research Program in the design, planning, and implementation of a long-term research effort to improve understanding of the Gulf of Mexico circulation and other Gulf ocean systems.

The committee will advise on funding opportunities in support of research on the Gulf of Mexico oceanographic system, with an initial focus on improved understanding of circulation, including the Loop Current and associated eddies. It will identify and develop opportunities for collaboration and joint sponsorship of activities and recommend ways to increase interaction among relevant organizations. It will also review the success of projects supported by the Understanding Gulf Ocean Systems grants opportunities and assessing their collective capacity to promote the goals of the Gulf Research Program. Finally, the committee will suggest adjustments in program plans based on the most recent advancements in related fields or findings by ongoing projects funded by the Gulf Research Program and others.

We are looking for individuals with expertise in multidisciplinary oceanographic campaigns, and specifically in oceanographic and atmospheric modeling and forecasting, data communications and data management. Please note that committee members selected will be required to be free from conflicts-of-interest and will not be eligible to apply for funding opportunities developed from the committee’s work.

The Call for Nominations closes on March 31, 2020.

Click here to nominate yourself or a colleague.