Opportunity: Education and Public Outreach Program Assistant, ECOGIG-2

job_picThe “Ecosystem Impacts of Oil and Gas Inputs to the Gulf” (ECOGIG-2) research consortium invites applications for an education and outreach professional to serve as the program’s Education and Public Outreach Program Assistant.

The ECOGIG-2 program is funded by the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI). The program conducts multi-scale, multi-disciplinary research to study the impacts and fates of oil and gas released in offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico (hereafter, Gulf). With more than 20,000 natural hydrocarbon seeps, the Northern Gulf hosts complex and fascinating ecosystems that are intimately tied to oil and gas seepage. The ECOGIG-2 team’s work will improve our ability to understand, quantify and predict the large and small-scale processes that distribute and degrade hydrocarbons throughout the Northern Gulf, from the deep seafloor to the ocean surface. ECOGIG-2 scientists will work at scales ranging from molecules to ecosystems, and from point source inputs to the entire Gulf system.

A major focus of the ECOGIG-2 program involves education and public outreach (EPO). A cornerstone of the GoMRI legacy is to create a public that is knowledgeable of general oceanographic processes and supportive of stewardship activities that promote healthy ecosystems, responsible use of ocean resources, and increased environmental literacy. ECOGIG-2’s EPO program aims to engage, inspire, and educate K-12 students, undergraduate students, and the general public. Our comprehensive EPO strategy includes expanding successful EPO programs and activities piloted during ECOGIG, developing new initiatives, and launching Signature Events that are designed and implemented for maximum impact.

The program’s EPO assistant will work closely with EPO Program Coordinator (TBN) and the Project Director (PD), Dr. Samantha Joye, to fulfill ECOGIG-2 EPO objectives.

Successful candidates must be interdisciplinary, self-motivated, efficient and effective at both verbal and written communication, and interested in pursuing innovative research and education in a highly dynamic environment. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree plus a year of work experience or an equivalent combination of education, experience and training.

Specific requirements include:

  • Experience with website design and maintenance, specifically experience with DRUPAL (or documented ability to master such skills quickly.)
  • Experience designing and implementing general public outreach and educational (K-12) materials.
  • Having a broad, fundamental education in the basic sciences; preference will be given to candidates with backgrounds in oceanography.
  • The ability to develop web site content.
  • The ability to work independently and collaborate with other ECOGIG staff and project PIs to develop outreach projects.
  • Having exceptional writing and communication skills.  
  • A desire to participate in oceanographic research cruises, on which the selected individual will create daily “blogs” describing the science that is being done on board

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact ECOGIG-2 PD, Dr. Mandy Joye at mjoye@uga.edu.