Opportunity: General Engineer, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, Oil Spill Preparedness Division

The Department of the Interior, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), Oil Spill Preparedness Division (OSPD) is currently accepting applications for the position of General Engineer.

Open & closing dates: 04/30/2020 to 05/20/2020
Pay scale & grade: GS 11 – 14 
Work Schedule: Full-Time
Location: Sterling, VA


At the full performance level (GS-14) the major duties of this position include, but are not limited to the following:
1. Serves as the lead Project Manager for a specific area of research or program area; ensures scientific integrity is maintained in all research efforts; provides recommendations for prioritized research needs within the program area; coordinates research needs with other BSEE offices; transfers information regarding research projects’ results; and serves as an agency authority, recognized technical expert and BSEE representative to government and industry-sponsored committees, work groups, or other entities convened to evaluate research needs within your program.

2. Serves as a Senior Research Project Manager for the most complex and critical projects and studies. Designs studies or research projects to address gaps in data and knowledge; collaborates with other technical experts to identify and evaluate technology innovations and practices, and to determine scope of work; maintains awareness of relevant research activities of other organizations to avoid duplication; establishes and implements the stakeholder communication requirements and plans for the project; develops appropriate funding requirements; determines time, scope, and performance requirements; identifies and mitigates project risks; monitors and controls change within the project; establishes and conducts management review processes; and ensures peer review requirements are established and implemented.

3. Serves as a Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) for high-risk oil spill research projects or other contracts within the Division; writes statements of work and/or statements of objectives; conducts market research; prepares government cost estimates and requisitions; analyzes contract scope, cost, and duration, recommending changes to the contracting officer (CO) when necessary; provides updates to the contract management database, files, and webpages; provides direction to contractors within the scope of work, ensuring work is done according to the contract requirements; reviews and accepts deliverables; and evaluates contractors’ performance.

4. Provides agency and division technical support; reviews guidelines, standards, or directives to industry or other entities conducting operations on the OCS as needed; develops narratives, briefing papers, program and policy documents, and other materials required to support BSEE activities; prepares and presents briefings on assigned projects to management; makes presentations to a variety of audiences on assigned projects; leads teams that conduct special studies, analyses, and technical or program evaluations; contributes information to the OSPD strategic plan; provides information on special issues and problems; collects and tracks oil spill and other needed operational data; and, categorizes and queries oil spill response research data.

The OSPD has determined that the duties of this position are telework eligible.

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