Opportunity: PhD Assistantship Fisheries Acoustics and Ecology, DEEPEND

Sound Scattering Layers (#2)
The Fisheries Acoustics and Ecology Laboratory (faculty.fiu.edu/~kmboswel) at Florida
International University seeks a doctoral student to work on a large collaborative project focusing on deep sea nekton in the Gulf of Mexico (http://www.deependconsortium.org/).

Sound scattering layers (SSLs) are ubiquitous features throughout the world’s oceans and the organisms comprising these layers are important components of these vast ecosystems. The depths at which SSLs occur are dynamic and often dependent on the depth of the water column and time of day, which gives rise to well-recognized and remarkable diel vertical migration patterns. These layers are often composed of myctophid fish, decapods, cephalopods, and many other species (some of which we know very little about) that are a key prey resource for larger predators.

The successful candidate will work closely with collaborators to examine multifrequency acoustic data to elucidate temporal and spatial distributions of pelagic and mesopelagic nekton in association with oceanographic features and focus on linking scattering responses to community level dynamics across the northern Gulf of Mexico. Demonstration of strong quantitative and analytical skills and familiarity with signal processing and/or non-linear methods is preferred. Candidates with demonstrated skills in scientific programming in Python, R or MATLAB are particularly sought.

To apply: Submit a current CV, letter of interest, GRE scores and GPA to Dr. Kevin Boswell (kevin.boswell@fiu.edu) and Dr. Joseph Warren (joe.warren@stonybrook.edu).