Opportunity: Postdoctoral Researcher Position at The University of Texas at Austin Marine Science Institute

Postdoctoral researcher position at The University of Texas at Austin Marine Science Institute: Zooplankton behavior and ecology: effects of dispersed oil droplets

A post-doctoral position is available for interdisciplinary research involving the dispersion of oil spills and the interactions of oil with planktonic marine organisms. This researcher will interact with a consortium of scientists from seven institutions involved in a Gulf Research Initiative funded study. We will investigate the dispersal of oil into droplets, characterize the droplet size distribution under various hydrodynamic regimes, and quantify how planktonic organisms interact with minute oil droplets, including their consumption of oil droplets and the effects of these plankton on the fate of the dispersed oil. This project will use state of the art microfluidic methods to create small droplets of oil and advanced optical techniques to visualize and quantify the interactions of plankton and oil droplets, including high speed digital holography. Mesoscale studies will also be performed on natural plankton assemblages from the Gulf of Mexico. The central focus of the research for this position will be the effects of oil on marine zooplankton, including studies of swimming behavior, sensory perception and other aspects of zooplankton ecology.

Appointment: The position is available for up to 36 months, beginning as soon as a qualified candidate is found. The position will be located at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas, Texas utilizing space in the new Estuarine Research Center building. A competitive salary and benefits package is available.  http://www.utmsi.utexas.edu/

Qualifications: Candidates should have a PhD in natural sciences or a related field, with interests and background that would facilitate hands-on experiments using microfluidics and advanced optical methods to study the details of interactions between oil droplets and planktonic organisms. Desirable skills include the ability to conceive, design, conduct and analyze the results of laboratory studies that visualize and quantify the kinematics of zooplankton behavior.

To Apply: Submit (1) curriculum vitae (2) names and addresses of three references willing to write confidential letters of recommendation and (3) a short statement of career goals and interests (1-2 pages). All materials should be emailed as a single pdf document to: ed.buskey@mail.utexas.edu with “PostDoc Application” in the subject line.