Opportunity: Program Managing Director, ECOGIG-2

job_picThe “Ecosystem Impacts of Oil and Gas Inputs to the Gulf” (ECOGIG-2) research consortium invites applications for PhD level scientist to serve as the program’s “Managing Director”.

The ECOGIG-2 program is funded by the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI). The program conducts multiscale, multidisciplinary research to study the impacts and fates of oil and gas released in offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico (hereafter, Gulf). With more than 20,000 natural hydrocarbon seeps, the Northern Gulf hosts complex and fascinating ecosystems that are intimately tied to oil and gas seepage. Seeps and their environs are influenced by complex large- and small-scale circulation patterns, as well as significant nutrient inputs from the Mississippi River system. The Gulf is therefore an ideal natural system for studying feedbacks from natural and accidental hydrocarbon releases and the physical and biological processes that determine their fate. The ECOGIG-2 team’s work will improve our ability to understand, quantify and predict the large and small-scale processes that distribute and degrade hydrocarbons throughout the Northern Gulf, from the deep seafloor to the ocean surface. ECOGIG-2 scientists will work at scales ranging from molecules to ecosystems, and from point source inputs to the entire Gulf system. The program will employ novel, highly sophisticated technologies to achieve in situ monitoring of benthic and water column dynamics on time scales from a few weeks to as long as a year.

The Program’s “Managing Director” will work closely with Project Director (PD), Samantha Joye, to administer the program and will also have the opportunity to conduct research related to ECOGIG-2’s core themes (for more information, see: http://research.gulfresearchinitiative.org/research-awards/projects/?pid=268).

Successful candidates must be interdisciplinary, self-motivated, efficient and effective at both verbal and written communication, and interested in pursuing innovative research and education in a highly dynamic environment. Applicants with a PhD in Oceanography or Marine Sciences and experience working in open ocean environments and interest/expertise in hydrocarbon dynamics will receive preferential consideration.

The position duties are split roughly 80% administration and 20% research.

Administrative Duties include

  • meet weekly with PD to discuss program administration
  • assist PD as needed
  • serve as head of the program’s “education and outreach”, “technology development”, and “research working group” committees; coordinate monthly committee meetings; prepare written committee reports for the PD and ECOGIG-2 PI group
  • Work with Data Manager to facilitate the program’s web-based discussion portals
  • Assist in preparation of GoMRI quarterly and annual reports
  • Assist PD and Data Manager with oversight of ECOGIG-2 data base, data portal and publication portal
  • Attend ECOGIG-2 Programmatic and GoMRI meetings as needed

The successful candidate is expected to contribute to ECOGIG-2’s core research program through activities conducted through PD Joye’s research group.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact ECOGIG-2 PD, Dr. Mandy Joye at mjoye@uga.edu.