Opportunity: Senior Financial and Administrative Officer, Gulf Research Program

job_picIn 2013, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine established the Gulf Research Program to enhance oil system safety and the protection of human health and the environment in the Gulf of Mexico and other U.S. outer continental shelf areas.

The Program seeks to improve understanding of the region’s interconnecting human, environmental, and energy systems and fostering application of these insights to benefit Gulf communities, ecosystems, and the Nation. Manages the financial, budgeting, administrative, and planning activities of the GULF program.  Directs and manages the design, planning, scheduling, and execution of related activities.  Mentors and supervises financial and administrative staff.   

Has primary responsibility for the overall financial and administrative functions for unit.  Ensures longer-term functional objectives are translated into shorter-term tasks, and establishes processes/procedures to ensure the effective and efficient operation of a somewhat complex function.  Has authority to take whatever action deemed advisable or necessary, subject only to organizational and departmental policies and rules.  Provides innovative solutions to complex problems that impact program’s or project’s success.  Serves as a resource to others. 

1. Manages all financial and administrative activities for units.  Develops and communicates unit financial and administrative processes and procedures.  Advises staff on Academies’ and unit policies and procedures on financial and administrative matters. 

2. Oversees all financial matters, including review of analyses conducted and preparation of financial projections and other financial reports.  Authorizes expenditures.  Ensures compliance with auditing requirements, contractual obligations, and budgetary limitations.

3. Oversees the preparation of units’ budgets, annual report financial summaries, annual and other funding requests o the President’s Committee, and other aspects of strategic financial planning.  Monitors financial reports regularly and takes appropriate action as needed. 

4. Leads and mentors staff.  Trains, develops, and supervises employees.  Trains and develops employees to successfully perform current responsibilities and encourages development of staff for future roles.  Forms effective teams and cultivates a work environment that fosters teamwork. Interprets and ensures consistent application of organizational policies.  Initiates personnel actions, including performance and compensation reviews and disciplinary actions. Initiates a variety of personnel actions, including performance evaluations, disciplinary actions, and compensation increases.  Interprets and ensures consistent application of policies and procedures.

5. Prepares or directs the preparation of a variety of reports and reviews.  Conducts regular audits.  Answers requests from internal and external auditors, compiling and forwarding required information.

6. Liaises with the Office of Human Resources on personnel matters such as recruitment, training and coaching, and employee separations/terminations.   

7. Reviews and coordinates proposals and contracts/grants.  Prepares cost estimates.  Reviews proposed sponsor agreements to assess potential contractual problems, spending limits, deliverables, and reporting requirements.  Ensures that accepted agreements are in compliance with National Academies’ policies and procedures.  Serves as a liaison with the Office of Contracts and Grants.  Responds to questions and inquiries regarding proposals and contracts.

8. Manages financial oversight of Unit and it’s  projects from inception through implementation, ensuring quality control, timely completion, and that budget parameters are met.  Coordinates the planning and scheduling of projects with departments affected.  Obtains department approval as appropriate.

9. Manages the purchase and distribution of equipment, computers, and furnishings.

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