Research Into BP Oil Spill Continues

As the fifth anniversary of the BP oil spill approaches, a research vessel is expected to set sail from Gulfport this morning to study some of the effects of the 2010 disaster.

(From MPB / by Evelina Burnett) — MPB’s Evelina Burnett reports, the research is also looking at other issues related to oil spills.

Exploration Vessel Nautilus is busy Wednesday afternoon as crew members and scientists prepare to head out for a two-week expedition. They’ll be tracking the movement of hydrocarbons, which can include oil or natural gas, from natural seeps in the Gulf.

Director of science operations Nicole Raineault says this study, by researchers from around the country, should provide insight on where oil that’s released into the ocean ends up.

“A big mystery with BP was where did the oil go,” she says. “Here they’re going to be tracking it from its source in the sea floor all the way to the surface. And not only are we going to be following these bubbles with robots, but they also have some sensors to measure currents in the area and to measure how gases are changing by sampling them at different altitudes off the sea floor.”

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