Sheepshead minnow. Photo credit: C. Filosa

Study Finds Different Avoidance Behaviors in Estuarine Fish to Oiled Sediment

A Louisiana State University researcher conducted laboratory experiments to learn how estuarine fish behave around sediments containing varying concentrations of weathered and fresh oil. He observed that fish exhibited a stronger avoidance response to medium and high concentrations of fresh oil compared to low concentrations and observed no significant avoidance of any weathered oil concentrations.

Sea Grant Releases Brochure on Oil Spill and Fish Lesions

The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative is pleased to announce a new informational brochure about the connection of Deepwater Horizon and fish lesions reported in the winter following the spill. The Sea Grant Oil Spill Outreach Team reviewed published science and worked with experts to develop this brochure for a broad range of audiences, particularly those who live and work across the Gulf Coast.