Dolphin. Provided by Kaitlin Frasier.

Study Uses Big-Data Approach to Identify Distinct Dolphin “Clicks” in Acoustic Recordings

Researchers designed an automated network-based classification method to process large acoustic datasets and identify distinct dolphin click types without requiring prior knowledge of their distinguishing features. The method identified seven click types from over 50 million echolocation clicks recorded in the Gulf of Mexico – six clicks of unknown origin and one click belonging to the Risso’s dolphin species.

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Grad Student Montgomery Explores How Ocean Chemistry Affects Microbes

Natural seeps are abundant in the Gulf of Mexico and help create a chemically unique habitat where microbial populations can flourish. Andy Montgomery is researching the relationship between marine microbes and ocean chemistry and how chemical shifts affect the role microorganisms play in biogeochemical cycling, a common pathway for chemicals and organic matter to move through the ocean.

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Opportunity: Request for Proposal Arctic Domain Awareness Center

Opportunity: Request for Proposal Arctic Domain Awareness Center – APRIL 2, 2018 The Arctic Domain Awareness Center (a Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Center of Excellence) has just released the attached Request for Proposal (RFP) entitled “Seeking solutions to support U.S. Coast Guard in addressing an Arctic Maritime Oil Spill”. Download the full…

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