A screenshot of a scene in the Beyond Blue video game. Provided by E-Line Media

ECOGIG Research Informs Development of Ocean-Based Video Game: Beyond Blue

There is now a novel way to reach audiences and help spark their interest in ocean science that involves the very popular world of video gaming. Launched by E-Line Media in conjunction with the BBC and researchers involved with their Blue Planet II series, the single-player narrative adventure Beyond Blue takes players deep into our ocean’s mysterious and fascinating world.

Kelsey Rogers collects samples of sediment particles onboard the R/V Endeavor’s laboratory. (Photo provided by Professor Joseph Montoya, Georgia Institute of Technology)

Grad Student Rogers Traces Gulf Oil as Scientific CSI

Kelsey Rogers looks for evidence of oil and methane intrusion into Gulf of Mexico water and sediment, but finding these hydrocarbons is only the beginning of her work. Like a scientific crime scene investigator, Kelsey analyzes the chemical fingerprints of oil and gas and uses them to identify their source, such as from an oil spill or a natural seafloor seep.