Fall 2014 – Frequently Asked Questions by Dr. Chuck Wilson

(From Fall 2014 Newsletter) Dr. Chuck Wilson, Chief Scientific Officer for the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI), answers a few of the most frequently asked questions about the program. Question: How will the partnership with Sea Grant help spread the word about GoMRI research? Answer: The GoMRI Research Board is delighted to partner with…

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Fall 2014 – Note from the Research Board Chair

(From Fall 2014 Newsletter) Dr. Rita Colwell, University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University Reliable data are the cornerstone of science and critical for accurate research results. This holds true for petroleum compounds and their analyses. To promote the best possible science on hydrocarbons, GoMRI has partnered with the National Institute of Standards and Technology…

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Deep-C summer intern and University of West Florida student Katie Vaccaro throws out a drift card on her Gulf research cruise with Dr. Richard Snyder. Photo Credit: Deep-C.

Fall 2014 – Education Spotlight

(From Fall 2014 Newsletter) CWC provided scholarships for two high school students to participate in LEAD Camp (LUMCON’S Estuarine Awareness and Discovery), a week-long science camp that provides both lab and field-based learning experiences, exposing students to Louisiana’s coastal habitat and broadening their understanding of potential oil spill impacts to the environment. Deep-C hosted nine…

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Student April Olivier’s acrylic painting, “Window of Time.” April created this during the CWC Art and Science Camp saying, “in my artwork, I depicted the deterioration of the marsh and land loss over time.” Provided by Murt Conover.

Teens Explore Oil Spill Impacts on Wetlands through Science and Art

(From Fall 2014 Newsletter) Each summer, parents send their children to camp, trying to match their interests while broadening their horizons. This year, the parents of ten Louisiana students hit the jackpot: the Coastal Waters Consortium (CWC) inaugural Art and Science Camp. This camp challenged participants, engaging both their analytical and creative talents to learn…

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