GoMRI Newsletter: Fall Issue 2013

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Above the Fold

“Scientific Dream Team Conducts Rapid Response Research at Hercules Gas Blowout”
“Boaters, Vacationers, and Beach Lovers Report GISR Drift Cards for Oil-Spill Research”
“GoMRI Research Board Convenes Workshop on Oil Spills and Public Health”
Frequently Asked Questions by Dr. Chuck Wilson
Note from the Research Board Chair
Education Spotlight
5 Questions Interview with GoMRI Consortia Graduate Students





Community Happenings

Science Corner

Published Science Highlights from the GoMRI Program

Provenance of Corexit-related chemical constituents found in nearshore and inland Gulf Coast waters
Joel S. Hayworth and T. Prabakhar Clement
Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2012, 64, 2005-2014

Surface trajectories of oil transport along the Northern Coastline of the Gulf of Mexico
J.C. Dietrich, C.J. Trahan, M.T. Howard, et al
Continental Shelf Research 2012, 41, 17-47

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Mississippi seafood from areas affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill
Kang Xia, Gale Hagood, Christina Childers
Environmental Science & Technology 2012, 46 (10), 5310−5318

Observation-based evaluation of surface wave effects on currents and trajectory forecasts
Johannes Röhrs, Kai Håkon Christensen, Lars Robert Hole, et al
Ocean Dynamics 2012, 62 (10-12), 1519-1533

Influences of Sea Surface Temperature Gradients and Surface Roughness Changes on the Motion of Surface Oil: A Simple Idealized Study
Yangxing Zheng, Mark A. Bourassa and Paul Hughes
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 2013, 52, 1561–1575

Assessment of cyclodextrin-enhanced extraction of crude oil from contaminated porous media
Heng Gao, Martin S. Miles, Buffy M. Meyer, et al
Journal of Environmental Monitoring 2012, 14, 2164-2169

To see all GoMRI publications, please visit the GoMRI Publication Database

Video Clip of the Quarter

The GoMRI Research Consortia have been busy reaching out to all different forms of media. Check out the radio, TV and Vimeo clips below!

“Deep-water Disaster Three Years On”
C-IMAGE was featured on Living on Earth, the weekly environmental news and information program distributed by Public Radio International and broadcast by 300 Public Radio stations.

“Scientists Studying the Impact of Oil Spill on Coral Reefs”
The ECOGIG Media Day in July resulted in a news story by WLOX out of Southern Mississippi.

“Meet Bob the Drifter”
Bob is one of the many important devises that collect data for CARTHE.


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